Kimla 6g 12KW Fiber Laser High Dynamic Linera drive fibre laser cutter

LaserThings now sell Fiber Lasers. Not just any fiber lasers, the fastest, most efficient lasers in the world!

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LaserThings is a wholly Australian owned and operated company that provides service, sales, spare parts, and related equipment to the industrial laser cutting market. With over 20 years experience specializing in laser cutting equipment, our team of highly qualified engineers strive to provide the best in customer support for Australia and New Zealand.

With our customers in mind, our focus is to reduce downtime through rapid service response, exceptional familiarity with the equipment and thorough preventive maintenance. Our goal is to continue to give our customers the very best possible service and spare parts for a wide range of machines at competitive prices.

When you succeed, we succeed.

• New and used machinery sales

• Preventive maintenance solutions

• Breakdown assistance

• Machinery relocations

• Spare parts and consumables

• Productivity solutions

• Operator/maintenance training


LaserThings is proud to bring to Australia productivity solutions from SlatPro™.

Introducing the Rhino Hammer.

The Rhino Hammer makes removing tabbed parts much easier after they are cut. It uses shop air to create impact vibration that breaks the tab loose, leaving the finished parts in good condition. A unique polyurethane tip handles the air pressure necessary for removal of parts. Available with either standard 1.5” diameter tip or small .75” tip.

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PEP Technology CAD/CAM

PEP is the key to unlocking PROFITS with lasers, plasma, gas, waterjet and combination machines can be found in PEP Technology's automation. PEP’s 40 plus years of developing CAD/CAM software has allowed us to work with and learn from all of our customer’s needs. In doing so, we have created the most intelligent nesting algorithms, intuitive menus, and proprietary data bases that allow sales, engineering and programming departments to do five times the amount of work with high efficiencies than any other CAD/CAM product available today.

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Fiber Laser Conversions

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Donaldson® Dust Extractors

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Kimla Fiber Lasers

LaserThings specialise in laser cutting machinery and we now supply the worlds fastest and most efficient lasers. 6G acceleration and kinetic energy recovery through Kimla's own high dynamic linear drives make Kimla the worlds most productive laser cutting machines.

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