RAYTOOLS Single Nozzle M14 Pack of 10

Size: 0.8
Sale price$44.00


Raytools® compatible Single Nozzle M14

Suits Accurl, Bodor, Farley, Hymson, Laser Automation Services (LAS), Suntec, VTop, XT Laser, Yawei and more.

Sold as pack of 10 nozzles.

 Diameter LaserThings P/N OEM P/N Reference 2
0.8 7BWC508
1.0 7BWC510 120GJT0510 L0510
1.2 7BWC512 120GJT0512 L0512
1.5 7BWC515 120GJT0515 L0515
1.8 7BWC518
2.0 7BWC520 120GJT0520 L0520
2.5 7BWC525 120GJT0525 L0525
3.0 7BWC530 120GJT0530 L0530
3.5 7BWC535 120GJT0535 L0535
4.0 7BWC540 120GJT0540 L0540
4.5 7BWC545 120GJT0545 L0545
5.0 7BWC550 120GJT0550 L0550

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