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Project LAS Australian made fiber laser cutting machine IPG fiber laser

LaserThings are proud to offer the re-manufactured LAS Bystronic Bysprint Fiber cutting machine with 3kw IPG Fiber laser. Re-manufactured in Australia, this Laser Automation Services Bysprint Fiber has now been delivered. The next project is already underway.

This machine features new control and PLC, upgraded motors and overhauled Z-axis with new style fiber laser head from Raytools and laser source from IPG Photonics. 

• 3KW IPG YLR Fiber Laser Source 50um fiber.
• Raytools auto focusing head.
• NC controlled nitrogen and oxygen
• Full Dynamic Gas monitoring system ( Developed by Laser Automation)
• Delta Servo motors and drives.
• Custom Cypcut control system by Laser Automation
• No additional software required for programming. Additional software available.
• Full safety enclosure with interlocks CE compliant.
• Level bed exchange
• Working area 3050mm x 1550mm
• Including Keller ( German) dust extractor
• Chiller Inclusive.
• Automatic nozzle cleaning
• Swiss made main machine and European and Japanese replacement components used in re-manufacturing
• 12 months manufacturers warranty on parts and labour
• 6 months of cutting consumables provided
• Australia wide technical support
• Machine is fully re-manufactured from the base up, all motion system, gas system, laser system and control system components have been replaced with new parts to ensure machine is reliable and stable.
• All material test cut samples are provided with the machine to ensure cutting parameters are stable and set up as per individual machine.
Cutting Specifications:

• True jump speed 100m/minute
• X/Y positioning accuracy 0.02mm
• X/Y repeated positioning accuracy +/- 0.02mm
• Wave length 1064nm
• Maximum cutting speed on 3KW 35-50m/minute on 1mm stainless steel
• Machine rated maximum cutting speed 70m/minute
• Maximum acceleration speed 2G
• Voltage 415V @ 50HZ
• Power requirement everything inclusive 18KW

Cutting Thicknesses on 3KW:

• Stainless Steel - 12mm
• Aluminium - 10mm
• Carbon Steel - 25mm
• Galvanised Steel - 8mm
• Brass - 6mm
• Copper - 4mm (high risk of damage to fiber)

UPDATE. This machine has been sold. The next machine available will offer a material sheet size of 2m x 4m and a laser power of 6KW.

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Laser Automation Services Australia made fibre laser cutting machine fiber laser IPG Raytools

Laser Automation Services Australia made fibre laser cutting machine fiber laser IPG Raytools

Laser Automation Services Australia made fibre laser cutting machine fiber laser IPG Raytools

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Bystronic Bysprint fiber for sale 3KW IPG laser cutting machine Australian made laser cutter

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IPG laser source 3000 Watt fiber laser cutting machine for sale australia