PEP Technology

LaserThings are proud to bring PEP Technology to your Australian workshop.

PEP Technology is the most intelligent CAD/CAM software solution
The key to unlocking PROFITS with lasers, plasma, gas, waterjet and combination machines can be found in PEP Technology's automation. PEP’s 40 plus years of developing CAD/CAM software has allowed us to work with and learn from all of our customer’s needs. In doing so, we have created the most intelligent nesting algorithms, intuitive menus, and proprietary data bases that allow sales, engineering and programming departments to do five times the amount of work with high efficiencies than any other CAD/CAM product available today.

What we do

PEP Technology's Industry proven Automation and innovative practices help Manufacturers grow 


CAD Conversion

Automate the conversion process of a poorly drawn customer file with the PEP Cad Converter. PEP will create a perfect cutter path in seconds every time from DXF, DWG, STEP, PRT and yes... even a PDF!

Automatic Nesting

Our Advanced Bullet Nesting will produce more parts than our closest competitor, while eliminating head raises, reducing rapids and controlling heat.

Job Quoting

Our Automatic Job Scheduling allows you to plan, schedule, track and report everything related to cutting parts before and after nesting in Real Time.

Automatic Job Scheduling

Our Automatic Job Scheduling allows you to plan, schedule, track and report everything related to cutting parts before and after nesting in REAL TIME.

ERP Integration

PEP Technology has been leader in bi-directional ERP and MRP integration for many years.


Our Inventory Software is a complete material tracking system that tracks both rectangular and irregular shaped remnants.

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 Complex CAD Converting

This video highlights how PEP Technology found and replaced many segmented lines within a contour in a customers supplied artwork .dxf file

 Nesting and Quoting

Watch PEP convert, nest and quote 52 drawings in less than 7 mins.

PDF file conversion

Watch how PEP Technology can convert, nest and quote from .pdf files to laser/ plasma/ water cut parts.

Take control of your manufacturing profits