Kimla Extreme Dynamic Fiber Lasers

13 holes per second

Kimlas Extreme dynamic fiber lasers reach 6g acceleration making them the quickest in the world.

 Kimla laser production

See how Kimla build the quickest lasers in the world

Extreme Dynamic Fiber Lasers

Ink print head

Quickly and easily print part labels or barcodes with Kimla

6mm Mild Steel @ 220mm/min with 10KW fiber laser

Third material pallet option

Kimlas third pallet option allows for greater flexibility in loading and unloading.

 Automatic tube loader 

Kimlas Automatic tube and profile loader for fiber lasers.


PEP Technology Manufacturing Software

PDF file to CAD conversion

Watch how PEP Technology can convert, nest and quote from .pdf files to laser/ plasma/ water cut parts.


See PEP Technology nest and quote 52 drawings in under 7 minutes.


PEP Technology official Solidworks integration

Productivity Solutions

SlagHog Demonstration 

Slag Hog from Slatpro, LLC

SlagHog V3 220V on a 10KW fiber laser


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