C Type Double Nozzles M11 Pack of 10

Diameter: 1.2mm
Sale price$58.80


M11 Double chrome C Type nozzle

Suits Raytools, Precitec M11

Price for Pack of 10

Diameter  LaserThings P/N Raytools Ref
1.0mm 7BWC310
1.2mm 7BWC312
1.3mm 7BWC313 120GJT2213 
1.4mm 7BWC314 120GJT2214
1.5mm 7BWC315
1.6mm 7BWC316 120GJT2216
1.7mm 7BWC317 120GJT2217
1.8mm 7BWC318 120GJT2218
2.0mm 7BWC320
2.5mm 7BWC325
3.0mm 7BWC330
4.0mm 7BWC340
5.0mm 7BWC350

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