SlagHog® SUPERDUTY Slat Cleaner

Slat Spacing: *Standard (50mm / 1.75") SKU: 6HSY123 SD
Cutter Size: 11&12 GA (3mm)
Handle length: Standard (1.5m wide table)
Sale price$12,250.00


The all new SUPERDUTY SlagHog® has an increased torque motor for improved performance on lasers with 12KW or more

Quickly and easily remove the  toughest of slag and dross buildup from your fiber or CO2 laser support surface. The Slaghog® works on Copper as well as Steel support slats and can be operated on the unused laser bed while the machine is running. Perform cleaning from one side of cutting bed with a single operator. You will not find a better slat cleaner anywhere!             

We ship to New Zealand, email us for delivery details.                                                                   


  • Power: 10 Amp 220V single phase
  • Weight: 24 Kg
  • Overall Length: 2.21m
  • Slat Thickness (Standard Slat): 1.9mm - 8mm
  • Slat Thickness (Narrow Slat): 3mm
  • Slat Length: 1250mm - 3000mm
  • Min spacing between slats (Standard Slat): 44.5mm
  • Min spacing between slats (Narrow Slat): 31.75mm 


Both versions are physically similar with the Standard Slat Slaghog™ having larger diameter cutters and the Narrow Slat Slaghog™ having smaller 1 inch cutters to fit between narrow spaced slats.

  • Slat Cleaning can be performed on unused bed during machine operation
  • Cleans a standard bed in approximately 15 min
  • For use on most manufactures laser machines
  • Dual cutters lift slag from both sides of the slats.
  • Changing the cutters accommodates different slat thicknesses.
  • Simple to start and stop: may be turned on or off at motor box or end of handle.
  • Resettable over-current protection
  • Integrated wheels allow for quick use when placing on machine
  • Stores in upright position

Refurbishment options available here

Download SlatPro brochure here

Download SlagHog SH2 220V user manual here

*Standard (1.75" min) Slat Spacing not available in 11g Cutter Size (available in 11/12ga)
**Narrow (1.25") Slat Spacing ONLY available with 11g Cutter Size

***Free shipping only in mainland North America

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