Precitec, Double Nozzle DE HP/Con 10 PACK

Diameter: 0.8
Sale price$104.00


Precitec compatible Double Nozzle DE HP Conical (outside cone-shaped) suits Precitec, LVD, Prima Power, Penta, BLM Adige, Salvagnini, Ermakason, Durma and probably heaps more.  

Duo nozzle also suitable for cutting heads ProCutter 1.0, ProCutter 2.0 (with KT XB), LightCutter, HPxx, MiniCutter2D

Sold in packs of 10

 Diameter Precitec reference LaserThings code
1.0mm P0591-002-00010 1ALC001
1.2mm P0591-002-00012 1ALC120
1.5mm P0591-002-00015 1ALC150
1.8mm P0591-002-00018 1ALC180
2.0mm P0591-002-00020 1ALC002
2.3mm P0591-002-00023 1ALC230
2.5mm P0591-002-00025 1ALC250
3.0mm P0591-002-00030 1ALC300
3.5mm P0591-002-00035 1ALC350
4.0mm P0591-002-00040 1ALC400
4.5mm P0591-002-00045 1ALC450
5.0mm P0591-002-00050 1ALC500

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