NK Push In Nozzle Pack of 10

Size: NK1015
Sale price$41.00


Bystronic compatible Double nozzle push-in type: Compatible with automatic nozzle changer on Bystronic Byspeed Pro, Bysprint Pro, Byautonom, Bysmart Fiber, Bysprint Fiber and Bystar Fiber laser cutting machinery.

Sold as pack of 10 nozzles.

 Diameter Bystronic P/N
NK1015 10049747
NK1215 10035275
NK1515 10035278
NK1715 10035290
NK2015 10035292
NK2515 10035294
NK2520 10035296
NK3017 10035298
NK3020 10035301
NK3517 10068496
NK3530 10035302
NK4017 10068498

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