Trumpf EAA Nozzle Pack of 10

Size: 0.8mm
Sale price$62.00


EAA Nozzle. Suits Trumpf Trulaser and Trumatic CO2 and Fiber lasers. 

Sold as pack of 10

Diameter Trumpf P/N  LaserThings P/N
0.8mm 1324858 1AEC858
1.0mm 1324860 1AEC860
1.2mm 1324861 1AEC861
1.4mm 1324863 1AEC863
1.7mm 1324864 1AEC864
2.0mm 1324865 1AEC865
2.3mm 1324866 1AEC866
2.7mm 1324867 1AEC867

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