Donaldson® DFEI-4 AS 7.5KW

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Donaldson® DFEI-4 AS (Australian Standard) 7.5KW

DFEI Dust Collectors are equipped with Ultra-Web® filtration technology. UltraWeb fine fiber media uses a layer of fibers 0.2 to 0.3micronsin diameterto capture contaminants on the surface ofthemedia tocapture sub-microncontaminants.The resulting dust cake is easily cleaned off during the automated collector cleaning cycles,ensuring cleaner airlonger.

DFEI Dust Collectors can be used for nuisance and process dust and fume control, providing:
• Small,High Efficiency, Plug-and-Play design
suitable for continuousoperation.
• Packaged and compact design forsmallfootprint,
easy and economical installation
• Down Flow Design and traingularUltra-Web® FR
and pulse cleaning.
• Clamping-style dust bin for easyclearing.
• Delta P -C01 Controller with a variety of Cleaning
options and connectivity with other equipment.

Standard Features and Available Options:
• Torit®Ultra-Web® Flame Retardant (FR)
Cartridge Filters
• Integratedfanpack
• Optional SparkTrap
• Torit Delta P -C01

• Laser Cutting
• Plasma Cutting
• Metal Welding
• Others

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