Integration of state-of-the-art Laser Technology

The highest performance guarantees productivity and quality

High Speed /High Power /High Performance in its class. Royce is designed to process the gauge sheet metal with ultra high productivity and cut thick Stainless / Aluminum plate with shiny clean cut edge.

Maximum fiber laser power up to 20kW and beyond which enable to cut over 1” thick Stainless or Aluminum plate or cut mid-range thick plates with ultra-high speeds. For examples, 550ipm for 0.25” or 190ipm for 0.5” for Stainless.

Royce is designed to be an open table structure which have two doors accessible to the cutting table, one from the front and one from the side. That way, the machine is much more easily accessible to the table for casual trouble-shooting and parts handling.

The fiber laser, electrical cabinet and gas control system are all built-in as part of one-body system so the time for installation and set-up is reduced, and the floor dimension is much more compact than the competitors.

HK Royce RS3015 Tech Specs technical specifications
cutting capacity material thickness maximum