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LaserThings have now partnered with Kimla, a Polish manufacturer of CNC machine tools and FIBER lasers, to offer Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to own one of the FASTEST, MOST EFFICIENT FIBER LASERS in the world.

LaserThings have a history of providing excellent service with high customer satisfaction. We have achieved this by providing quality products and supplementing that with excellent after sales support and complimentary technical support via phone and email.

We are now pairing this excellent service with the high quality machinery from European based manufacturer, Kimla. 

So why Kimla?

Kimla have developed their own CNC controller specially to take advantage of the high dynamics of linear drives and high cutting speeds of fiber lasers. This advantage is why Kimla can offer 6g acceleration and speeds of up to 5m/s without deformation of the axis or cut part.

What makes Kimla Fiber the best choice:

  • Monolithic laser construction provides high stability and accuracy. 0.03mm accuracy, 0.001mm repeatability.
  • The most efficient laser cutting machines in the world.
  • The smallest footprint on the market.
  • Fastest acceleration on the market.
  • Short installation times.
  • Tailored machine options.

Machine technical specs and machine options

Kimla Extremecut 1530

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More about Kimla

When we first started we were focused on the production of electronics and control systems for CNC machines. However, it quickly became clear that the creativity and potential of our employees and equipment allowed us to tackle more complex projects, so soon we started the production of machines with a much greater technical advancement, exceptional performance and speed.

Currently Kimla machines are offering all the available technological possibilities. Our bespoke machines are the result of our long history in the industry combined with knowledge, experienced staff and strong innovative designs.

As we pride ourselves on being one of the leaders in the industry, having installed more than 2500 machines to customers’ companies globally, we are constantly developing and seeking new solutions to customer demands. Kimla machines achieve industry-leading performance at prices which are significantly lower than those offered by reputable companies elsewhere in the world.

We are continually advancing our CNC technologies and increasing their parameters raising the bar for quality and performance in the industry. This is possible thanks to the expansion of our plants with several new production facilities and information and technology infrastructure.


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Take a look inside the Kimla factory and see how these high dynamic machines are made.

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