Best Seller with ultimate value

Super-economical model with Compact design

• Minimized space by mounting resonator and E-box onto the frame

• N2 low-pressure cutting technology, cost saving 60%+

• State-of-the-art FIBER technology

• Ultra light & high stiffness Cutting Bridge

• 21.5” wide touch screen

• Range : 2.5KW / 3KW / 4KW / 6KW / 8KW / 10KW / 12KW / 15KW / 20KW

Working area up to 8000mm x 2500mm

HK have independently developed and accumulated new technology since its founding in 1990. Based on machinery design technology optimized through strict structural analysis, HK has been manufacturing ultralight and high-precision laser cutting machines for over 30 years.

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nLight Corona Rapid Beam Switching

The FS3015 Fiber features the nLight Corona, a fiber laser resonator with a variable pre-programmed beam change mode that enables optimized tuning of beam size and shape at the material in less than 30ms. This maintains fiber laser performance, stability, efficiency,
and reliability with spot sizes and beam shapes from small top-hat to large donut mode. It allows the laser to cut 30mm thick steel plate with CO2 like cut quality in addition to cutting thin materials at high speed. The nLight Corona is available in up to 20KW of power. Hardware-based back-reflection protection allows processing of even the most reflective metals with no interruptions or damage to the laser. Unparalleled serviceability through modular design simplifies repairs maximizing uptime.

HK FS Fiber